Twill Tape

Christopher Herrera

Twill Tape

Narrow fabric has become an essential part of today’s fashion. For catering customer’s needs, we manufacture various tapes from cotton, polyester and synthetic yarn.

We Produce:

  • Herringbone Tape
  • Canvas Tape
  • Narrow Tape
  • Flat Tape
  • Belt of different width
  • Waist Belt
  • Oxford Tape
  • Striped Tape

Capacity : 50,000 yards/per day

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    Corporate Office : Ka-49, 50, 50/4,50/4/A, BHSK Shun Shing Tower,
    Shahid Abdul Aziz Road, Jagannathpur, Vatara, Dhaka

    Phone : +88 0255050458-60

    Email :